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Warhammer Black Templars’ Land Raider

The Land Raider Crusader was originally developed as a variant of the standard Land Raider main battle tank by the Black Templars Chapter, but was eventually approved as an authorised design for all Astartes Chapters by the Adeptus Mechanicus due in no small part to its usage by the Ultramarines Chapter. The Land Raider Crusader […]

Great Warhammer Project – Sector Imperialis Basilicanum

Greetings Commanders! I am honored to announce that my first 3D diorama project has already begun. I’ve modelled each parts as seperated before, but nowadays, i decided to join all parts in one scene. Here i share a reference photo above. I would like to thank all commanders who love Warhammer culture for their time […]

Making of Warhammer Locomotive

Greetings Commanders! I’ve found these reference photos below, i like this model too much. so i decided to model it.. Ladies and gentlemen, here i introduce to you my new model “Warhammer Armoured Locomotive”.. This classic Warhammer 40,000-style wargaming model is actually the work of the Games Workshop studio team, and was produced for an […]