Great Warhammer Project – Sector Imperialis Basilicanum

Reference Photo

Reference Photo

Greetings Commanders!

I am honored to announce that my first 3D diorama project has already begun. I’ve modelled each parts as seperated before, but nowadays, i decided to join all parts in one scene. Here i share a reference photo above. I would like to thank all commanders who love Warhammer culture for their time and efford to complete such excellent works..

Screenshot 2022-05-14 18.46.22

I’ve started to model the ground first. I have only photo references, so i decided to trust to my eyes for scaling all parts.. I am fond of ratios, at least i was successful to find relations between parts.. I was modelled each parts in Inventor, imported to Max and unwrapped each to get ready for Substance Painter..

Screenshot 2022-05-14 18.46.34

Details from Ground – 1

Screenshot 2022-05-14 18.47.03

Details from Ground – 2

Screenshot 2022-05-14 18.47.35

Details from Ground – 3

Screenshot 2022-05-16 15.37.49

Pipes on the ground have placed well.. This middle part has additional details in itself. There will be unnecessary parts which makes the scene more heavier, so i decided to remove that parts.

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