Warhammer Black Templars Light Cruiser

Warhammer Black Templars Light Cruiser

Crusading Might: The Black Templars Light Cruiser in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe

In the vast expanse of the grim darkness that is Warhammer 40,000, the Black Templars Light Cruiser emerges as a stalwart vessel, a celestial bastion of the Emperor’s righteous wrath. This formidable spacecraft epitomizes the martial fervor of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter as it crusades through the void, a celestial fortress on a divine mission.

Adorned with the iconic symbols of the Black Templars, this Light Cruiser is a visual testament to the Chapter’s unyielding devotion to the Emperor. Its prow, etched with intricate sigils and purity seals, speaks of countless campaigns waged in the Emperor’s name. The vessel’s silhouette, sleek and lethal, cuts through the darkness of space with an aura of indomitable zeal.



Armed with the might of the Imperium, the Black Templars Light Cruiser is a harbinger of celestial retribution. Its lance batteries and torpedo tubes unleash holy fury upon the enemies of mankind, cleansing the void of heresy and xenos filth. As a mobile fortress, it carries the fervent sons of Dorn into the void, ready to engage in righteous battle and bring glory to the Chapter.



Behold the Black Templars Light Cruiser as it cruises through the cosmic abyss, a vigilant guardian of the Emperor’s domain. In the cold expanse of space, it is a beacon of the Imperium’s strength, a vessel of war that embodies the unyielding spirit of the Black Templars as they crusade against the encroaching darkness.


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Making of Black Templars Light Cruiser



Model was based on great modeller Andrea1969’s works.. You can find his works on this link:


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